Over the last few months, Google has been making increasingly strange commercials trying to convince people to switch from other smartphones (or possibly a banana) to Pixel. The latest, while ostensibly being a guide to transferring your data from another phone, is actually a lightning-fast guide to baking sourdough bread.

Baking, and particularly baking sourdough, became a minor phenomenon during months of pandemic lockdown. So if anything, Google's a little behind the times with its latest attempt at memetic advertising. But I must admit, the interjected baking guide to using a Dutch oven to make a gorgeous loaf is pretty charming, and it's done in such a way that even a baking dunce like me can grasp it.

The video is borrowed from Alex, a French chef with more than 1.7 million subscribers on YouTube so far. And you can't deny that the results look delicious. Just don't mix up the instructions for baking and phone setup — the Pixel 5 won't last very long at 480 Fahrenheit.