Apple has been having a bit of a rough time over the past couple weeks. First it was dealing with the legal challenge brought by Epic Games, and now the company is getting attacked by Samsung, too. In a new series of videos, Samsung compares its own Galaxy 21 Ultra to Apple's latest device in order to see which phone takes better pictures of —checks notes— grilled cheese sandwiches?

While these 15-second ads aren't breaking any new ground in the vast world of marketing, they do communicate the intended message quickly and effectively. Both spots start out with the tagline "Your phone upgrade shouldn't be a downgrade." The Galaxy S21 is equipped with a 108MP primary camera that allows it to capture much more gooey details than the measly 12MP lens of the iPhone 12 Pro Max. But maybe even more than that, colors on the S21 look bolder, more saturated, and dare we say — much more appetizing.

I mean, I'd eat either one without complaint.

The second spot highlights the cleverly coined Space Zoom feature that lets the S21 Ultra zoom to 100x as it captures a perfectly serviceable closeup of the moon. After comparing the S21 Ultra's photo with that of the 12 Pro Max's (which 'maxes' out at 5x optical zoom), it prompts viewers to "upgrade to epic zoom." 😎

Any closer and we'd be able to tell what kind of cheese it's made of.

Finally, we've some good puppers getting their pup on as Samsung reminds us how easy its software makes it to snap still pics and record video at the same time. Because who doesn't enjoy a few pug glamour shots?

If your daily workflow consists of snapping grilled cheese pics and zooming in to shoot the moon, the S21 Ultra is a clear winner over the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The measurable effect of these ad spots may be debatable, but it is kind of novel to see Samsung calling out a specific rival in such an apples-to-apples kind of comparison. It isn't the first time that the South Korean company has thrown down at Apple, but hopefully it won't backfire so embarrassingly this time.