Ever since the GameStop debacle earlier this year, it seems like stock trading has hit its peak in popularity, and apps like Robinhood help bring the Wall Street experience to your phone. While the platform has certainly run into its fair share of controversy, it's still one of the easiest ways to buy and sell stocks, cryptocurrency, and more. Starting today, Robinhood is adding one more option for investors to check out as IPO Access launches on the service.

IPO Access is a new marketplace in the app that allows users to find upcoming public offerings for companies listed on Robinhood. With this new storefront, you can buy shares at the initial listing price, rather than having to wait until after the launch. Robinhood holds your requests until the final price is set, after which you can review your purchase.

The announcement does warn that IPO listings can be limited, but all users will have equal access to any offer. IPO Access is expanding over the next few weeks, with FIGS Inc — a medical scrubs company — now available as the first option for buyers. Robinhood itself is set to go public this year, though there's no word yet on exactly when that will actually happen.