Facebook blocked Pushbullet from using its proprietary login at the start of the month, and it seems as there's no end in sight for that ban. Despite public outcry from users, nothing has been changed with the social network to bring the two parties back together. If you're still having issues getting into your account, Pushbullet has published a list of ways to continue using its service without a Facebook login.

According to Pushbullet, it appears that Facebook has labeled the company's domain as malicious and/or abusive, perhaps through an automated process. The site does provide a legitimate service that a number of Android Police editors "cannot live without."

The developers have made attempts to contact the platform, but given that Facebook doesn't go out of its way to have humans review cases, it'll be a long haul to a solution if one is even to be had.

What users see when they try to use Facebook Login

As this issue barrels towards its third week, Pushbullet has offered two workarounds to avoid getting stuck in limbo. If you have a Google account that shares its email address with your Facebook account, just use your Gmail login to access Pushbullet. Meanwhile, for anyone using Pushbullet for SMS sync and notification mirroring, the company suggests setting up a new account.

Pushbullet is aware that these solutions won't work for every account and has promised another update for anyone still locked out.


With Facebook's blocking of Pushbullet now going on three weeks, the company has published a guide for getting back into your account. We've updated the article to include those solutions.