Summer is just around the corner — believe me, I'm sweating as I type this — and the last thing any of us want to do on a hot day is clean. If you're looking to spend the next months napping in a hammock rather than sweeping up pollen around your house, a robot vacuum is just what the doctor ordered. Today, you can pick between two high-end vacuums well below their usual prices, complete with obstacle detection, auto-empty bases, and even mopping.

If you're after an advanced auto-cleaning experience, the Ecovacs Deebot T8+ is the choice for you. Not only can it map out your entire household to ensure that it avoids colliding with your furniture, but it also supports virtual boundaries to prevent it from wandering into a dangerous room. It's capable of cleaning up to 3200 sq. ft. on a single charge, and once it's finished, all of the dirt and dust is automatically disposed of within the base. That makes for a great vacuum in its own right, but it can also mop your floors for a spotless experience. It's usually $750, but you can save $200 with Best Buy's daily deal.

Of course, that's still a pretty penny for a robot vacuum. If you're looking to keep some advanced features, including a self-empty base, Woot has a factory refurbished Shark IQ cleaner for just $270. There's no mopping here, but you'll still get to map out your entire home within the app, and you can even pick and choose between rooms that need cleaning. New models currently sell on Amazon for $430, making for a solid discount if you don't mind refurbished gadgets.

If either of these vacuums seems like the right fit for you, don't wait — both deals are only good through the end of the day. You can grab them through each respective link below.