Google Calendar is excellent at managing your personal meetings and appointments, but by default, it also keeps track of the holidays in your region. In addition to public holidays, Google also shares other occasions, so you don't have to search "Father's Day 2021" every few days until you finally memorize the date (it's June 20th). A new toggle for holidays is finally coming to Calendar, so you can declutter your view without disabling the feature altogether.

Starting today, users can switch their holidays setting from "Public holidays and other holidays" to "Public holidays only." It might seem like a small change, but if you're reliant on knowing when certain businesses might be closed to the public, it's a great addition. You'll still see all of the major occasions in your area, but unofficial dates like Valentine's Day and Halloween are hidden from view.

To change how these dates are displayed in your agenda, just click on the menu icon next to regional holidays in Google Calendar on the web, then select "Settings." Under "Holiday calendar content," you can toggle between events, as seen in the screenshot above. You can also change these options on Android by heading into your calendar settings and selecting your region's holiday calendar.

The feature is now available in Google Calendar on the web and Android, with a planned update for iOS users starting May 25th.

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