If you have a skin condition you want a professional opinion on, Google might be able to help you out with its newly-announced dermatology assist tool.

This AI-powered web tool isn't meant to replace your appointments with professionals; it can only give you an idea of what condition you may have and help you make an informed decision.

The diagnosis begins with the submission of three close-up photos of the affected skin area. To make the results more relevant, you will also be asked to provide additional information like how the affected area feels and how long you've had it.

Once submitted, the tool will suggest the condition you might have and corroborate the images you submitted with others from the web (not sure if you'd like that). Google says the tool accounts for factors like age, sex, race, and skin types, so the diagnosis shouldn't suffer.

Keep in mind that this isn't supposed to replace an actual medical diagnosis. It only aims at reducing the burden of skin disease globally by making healthcare more accessible and affordable.

This project is still in preview and will only be available to users in the EU region later this year at health.google.com/dermatalogy. However, if you're living elsewhere, you can register your interest here. Google will notify you when it becomes available in your region.