It's no secret that 2021 was a huge year for Chromebooks. Google's web-first operating system grew by leaps and bounds as people looked for ways to stay connected during quarantine. What's new in 2021? Well, lots of Chromebook hardware, for one.

Google kicked off its "What's new in Chrome OS" I/O session by talking about growth. The platform saw 92% year-over-year growth, pushing Chrome OS past macOS to become the second-largest computer operating system behind Windows. Google says this is five times the growth seen in the overall PC market.

Currently, Google projects there will be 50 new Chromebooks in 2021. We've already seen numerous launches this year, but it would seem that won't slow down as the year progresses. With 40 million students and educators using Chromebooks, some of those devices will probably be low-end EDU-focused laptops that you won't see on sale. There should still be plenty of consumer devices from HP, Samsung, Lenovo, and others.