Wear OS is finally getting the attention it deserves as Google, in partnership with Samsung, is rejigging the platform to keep it from fading into nothingness. One of the key improvements will be in the area of app discovery, which is going to be a very welcome upgrade.

A Google Play Store update that will tag along with the new Wear OS experience will finally allow users to search for new apps and install them right from their phones. The install button will have a drop-down menu that will let users select whether they want to install the application on their phone, watch, or both.

Google also hints at improving discovery within the Play Store, so we can expect to have a dedicated section for Wear OS apps. Currently, users have to resort to their tiny smartwatch screens to find and install new apps and as you'd expect, the experience is plain bad.

While it is currently possible to install apps on a smartwatch using the Play Store on desktop, you'll need to verify each download with your password and it's still not as convenient as doing it through your phone. We can expect the situation to be vastly improved later this year when the new Wear OS rolls out.