Google I/O is a busy time—announcements flying left and right, blog posts going up, and more Google talking heads than you can shake a stick at. It can be hard to keep up when you've got your own life to live, so Google was good enough to distill all the important day one announcements into a single 9-minute video.

The recap video covers all the high points from the keynote including a big chunk about quantum computing and AI, which are Google's current moonshots. The full keynote is two hours long, and several minutes of that consists of someone talking to a paper airplane augmented with AI. Trust me, it's not as interesting as it sounds. The recap trims that down to a few seconds.

The Android section of the video starts at about five minutes, and it'll offer a quick overview of the changes coming to Android 12 with Material You. After that, it's on to Google's huge Wear OS revamp with Samsung. The video wraps up with a surprisingly long section on Project Starline, an experimental 3D video chat technology. With that out of the way, it's on to I/O day two.