Back during the first Developer Preview for Android 12, a new iOS-like Emergency SOS feature was spotted that let you panic-smash your power button five times to make an emergency call. The feature disappeared from Settings in subsequent releases, but it's back as of Beta 1.


The interface and settings look unchanged since Developer Preview 1, though updated for the new "silky home" one-handed UI that is now enabled by default and was hidden in that initial release. As before, Emergency SOS lives in the "safety & emergency" section of Settings on Pixels, and you can configure both the number that it calls and if a countdown alarm is also triggered.

In testing, the SOS screen itself remains mostly unchanged since DP1 as well, with a swipe to cancel and a big countdown. On my device, the "Emergency SOS" header at the top is out of position, while it was centered in DP1, but that could be a bug.

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