Among the bigger changes coming to Android 12 is the new "Monet" dynamic theming system that pulls colors from your background. It's not user-facing in the beta releases yet, but there was already some concern that you'd have to simply accept whichever colors it chose from your background. Thankfully, Google tells us that you'll be able to select your own colors instead if you prefer.

Some of the finer technical and UI details aren't known just yet, but the question has been raised since Monet was first shown off as a hidden and disabled feature in the earlier developer previews.

Google seemingly told The Verge that you can also manually take control of color selection away from Monet, and we also separately confirmed with the company that customers will be able to select and customizes things as they like with their own colors.

Current ways to chose accent color on Pixels.

One thing that still isn't clear is how this will manifest in terms of UI. Right now, you can only select a single system accent color in the "styles & wallpaper" section of Settings on Pixel devices, but Android 12's new theming system takes color customization a lot further, adjusting both background, foreground, and accent colors dynamically in the leaks we've seen so far, pulling both accent colors and complementary colors dynamically for several system UI components from your wallpaper. Monet does a whole lot more than just change one color, as you can do now, so we don't know how the UI may be changed to accommodate that.

Ultimately, it isn't clear if the color customizations will be based on the existing accent selection we have right now or if we'll have more or different options when the feature debuts. We'll probably just have to wait and see once the feature is live, and we can play with it for ourselves.