While some modern options exist for replacing your aging alarm clock, most of us have made the switch to waking up with our phones. Android's default clock app is a great way to wake up in the morning, alongside dozens of great apps available on the Play Store. Thanks to a new quick settings tile in Android 12 Beta 1, adding and modifying alarms is about to get a whole lot easier.

This new tile replaces the notification bar icon whenever an alarm is set on your phone and allows you to quickly jump to the clock app to set your schedule for the next day. Not only does this free up space along the top of the display, but it makes it easy to set, disable, change, or check your current alarm status, all from a single tap. You'll still see an icon appear when you swipe down to open the notification tray, but it's hidden from display throughout the rest of the interface.

The toggle isn't linked directly to a single clock app, so if you have a preferred way to wake up in the morning, the tile will rely on your default clock app. Although there's room for extra functionality here — a long-press to enable or disable the most recent alarm, for example — it's a big improvement over the old static icon in the notification bar.