After building a kingdom for podcasts and advertising, Spotify is now testing the waters for automatically-generated transcripts for its original and exclusive shows.

The feature is scheduled to pop up in beta for Android and iOS users over the next several weeks and will include the ability to tap any paragraph in the transcript and have the podcast begin playing from there. Feedback is encouraged on its community forums. Spotify intends on expanding instant transcripts to every podcast on its platform eventually.

Hints of this sort of accessibility have been appearing over time like generic transcript-based show thumbnails and video podcast subtitles. Google Podcasts has been logging auto-generated transcripts for behind-the-scenes stuff like allowing users to search for episodes based on a quote they remember. Oh, and there's also Google's wider focus on Live Captions, too.

At the end of the day, more people will be able to extract value by being able to access media the way they want (or, in many cases, can).