Google Photos is about to lose out on free unlimited photo storage, but with the amount of AI enhancements built into the app, Google is hoping you'll stick around anyway. One of the best elements of the app is its auto-generated albums, grouped around common elements, dates, and more. With its latest feature, Google can now spot similarities in your photos to help improve collections.

Google Photos will start using machine learning to build albums based on similar shapes, colors, and more. These "little patterns" are designed to look through groups of three or more photos at a time. Examples from Google include an orange backpack carried along on a hiking trip or images of similar mugs taken at your favorite coffee shop.

Unlike many of Google's other AI-assisted albums, "little patterns" is meant to look for the small moments in your daily life that you wouldn't usually notice. This new collection-building feature is coming to Photos later this summer. It should fit in well with the new grid redesign that focuses on highlighting your memories.