Samsung's Galaxy Buds Pro are very good earbuds, with both great audio quality and great noise canceling. They're reasonably priced, too: at 200 bucks, they're $50 cheaper than Apple's comparable earbuds. But spending less money is rarely a bad thing, and today, you can do just that: open-box units are just $145 at Woot.

Aside from the fact that he had trouble sitting them securely in his ears and some issues with their touch controls, David had very high praise for the Galaxy Buds Pro in our review, calling them "about as close as you'll get on Android right now" to the ubiquitous AirPods Pro.

This is a clearance sale that runs until May 20 or until supplies run out, so shake a leg. (If you're too skeeved out to get a pair of open-box earbuds, Woot also has unopened units for $170, too.)