Ever since Google bought Fitbit in 2019, we've been waiting to see what kind of effect that combination would have on both Fitbit's fitness-focused wearables and Google's own Wear OS. Today we know. At Google I/O, a Fitbit representative said it flat out: future Fitbit wearable devices will be running Wear OS.

The collaboration may or may not be total — while at least some future Fitbit models will use Google's wearable operating system, less complex, cheaper wearables like the new Luxe might still be using less demanding Fitbit software. At the moment we can't make too many predictions.

But this relationship won't be one-way. The companies also announced that signature Fitbit features will be available on Wear OS devices, presumably including at least some of those that are on the market now via software update. Specifically mentioned were Fitbit's progress tracking as well as community and fitness goals.

When we'll see this collaboration wasn't precisely specified. It seems safe to say that deeper integration between Fitbit and Wear will come sooner than new Wear-based Fitbit devices, possibly later in 2021.