In addition to the big user-facing redesign that started landing in Beta 1, a handful of smaller visual tweaks are also included in this new, ostensibly slightly more stable release, including this: A new charging animation. It's there for both wired and wireless charging (though slightly different between each), and follows your system accent color.

Above: Wireless charging. Below: Wired charging. In both cases, Left: Android 11/Android 12 DP3. Right: Android 12 Beta 1. (Sorry for the uneven heights — couldn't be avoided because of how our theme handles GIFs.)


The change should be immediately visible above, with a large tinted circle expanding outward once your phone is powered. In the case of wireless charging, that happens out from the center of the display, but for wired charging it comes up from the bottom of the screen — aptly coming from the direction of your USB port.

Although both of my examples above have this expanding circle in blue, we can confirm it picks up the system accent color. So if you set that to pink or brown, etc., the circle will also be tinted a similar shade:

For more Android 12 Beta 1 coverage, keep an eye on our series here as we slowly but inevitably drown in all the new features that trickle out. (It's a pretty monumental update.)

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