Google I/O is planned for this week. And, if history is any indicator, it's pretty likely we'll see the first Android 12 beta land sometime during I/O, potentially delivering the first Android 12 builds for third-party, non-Pixel phones. Given both what we've already seen and the rumored visual redesign, Android 12 looks like it will be one of the biggest updates in memory. So, are you going to try Android 12 before its released to stable later this year, or are you leaving that to the early adopters?

Nothing is set in stone, but historically, Google delivers its first Beta Program releases for the in-development Android release during I/O. That's not guaranteed to happen this time, but it's a strong possibility. Last year, of course, threw things out of whack, as we didn't have a Google I/O, and the beta program releases just sort of flumped onto the internet in June. But usually, beta support for a small pile of third-party phones also debuts at Google I/O, and I strongly suspect the same thing will happen this year now that I/O is back.

Even though the Android 12 release schedule indicates we're about to switch from Developer Previews to an ostensibly more stable Beta Program, things are still guaranteed to be a little rough around the edges, if not down-right buggy until we hit the last couple of builds. So, are you going to get an early taste of Android 12 — and maybe you already have, or you're planning to later?

Are you going to try Android 12 early?

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