As folding phones gained momentum last year, Microsoft released its own take. The Duo is not a good phone for a number of reasons: it's big and awkward, it's got an unusual form factor that's not particularly well supported, and its camera is bad. But it sure is unique, and today, you can grab one for $600 on Woot — the lowest price for it we've seen so far.

To be clear, even at $600, this probably isn't a phone you'll want to use full time, but its book-like form factor makes it a fun secondary device for tasks like media streaming and reading — it's essentially two little tablets hinged together, after all.

We saw the Duo for $700 earlier this week. At $600, the Duo is well under its introductory MSRP of $1,399. The 128-gigabyte version is $600 over at Woot today, and you can get double the storage for an additional 70 bucks. Hit the link below to check it out. The deal ends at midnight, Eastern, or when supply runs out.