Google launched the Nest Audio last fall, serving as a replacement to both the original Google Home and the oversized Home Max. It's one of the best speakers you can buy for under $100, but it's not perfect. Without a wired input, it's impossible to use the Nest Audio with a turntable or your entertainment system. If you've been dying to add some speakers to your house but you're hesitant to switch to wireless, today's you're lucky day. You can upgrade your audio experience with a Google Home Max for just $150.

Although this speaker is technically discontinued, it's still a great way to listen to music around the house. It can be placed in either horizontal and vertical positions, thanks to a magnetic mount that automatically switches between stereo and mono mode depending on its orientation. The fabric-lined design still looks modern well into 2021, and the audio quality is incredible. It's also powered by Google Assistant, which means you can use the Home Max for all your voice commands, automation, reminders, and more.

If you head over to A4C, you'll find Google's maxed-out speaker for just $200, but with coupon code SLICK25, the price drops to just $150. This price ties its previous low, so you shouldn't expect it to stay in stock for long. Head on over to A4C's site using the link below.