How do you keep in touch with your favorite online communities? Most of us have graduated from the bad old days of IRC to a much more full-featured modern offering, and there's probably none more popular than Discord. As the service celebrates its sixth birthday this week, it's putting a fresh coat of paint on things with a whole bunch of tweaks to its design identity.

What does that mean to you, the Discord user? A fat lot of nothing at all. At least, that's to say that there's nothing functional changing here — don't worry, Discord's not breaking anything.

Instead, the company's refining the look it already had. Maybe the most obvious change is to the Discord logo, the friendly little controller/robot/whatever that's lovingly named "Clyde." The new Clyde is boxier, with broader features that should make it easier to put him on everything from t-shirts to lapel pins.

You may also have noticed a subtle shift to the background in the above GIF. That's because Discord has adjusted its color scheme, darkening its trademark "Blurple." And while Blurple is the key to the Discord look, the company's also refreshing the rest of its palette, boldening up some hues and introducing a new red shade.

The Discord name itself is being rendered in a new font, one crafted to match the same sort of feel you get from Clyde's new lines. You should start seeing all aspects of these new changes start appearing throughout the Discord UI.

Are you a fan? Do you miss Clyde's antennas? However you feel, you better get used to it; the new Discord is here to stay.