Gather 'round children. I'll tell you a tale of a forgotten time, before the first tweet was tweeted, before the first yeet was yeeted. Back when people still went to movie theaters, then waited an eternity — sometimes four or five months! — before they could watch that movie in the comfort of their own homes, basked in the glow of a 32-inch CRT television.

And when they did, they watched it on a wonderous device: a completely digital video disc, boasting 480 eye-popping lines of interpolated resolution. And when they hit the pause button, to go to the bathroom without the aid of a tiny computer, what appeared on the screen to stop the cathode ray tube from burning in?

This, my children. This most hallowed of passive entertainment: the bouncing DVD screensaver. The young and young at heart would sometimes actually delay returning to the movie, just to see how long it would take the little multicolored logo to perfectly hit the corner with just one bounce.

It was such a cornerstone of our shared culture that it was immortalized in the American version of The Office. Which was then released on DVD, so of course, you could pause this very scene in order to recreate it in real life.

If you want to relive the glory days of standard definition, check out Google's latest Search Easter egg. Just search for "DVD screensaver" to see it. (It's live on the desktop, not mobile, but you can see it in the Android version of Chrome with desktop view.)

The logo even changes color when it hits the edge, a nice touch. How long it'll take to hit the corner will, of course, depend on what size screen you're using.