Give Google enough time, and it'll turn any of its apps into a messaging one. Google Assistant was the latest to receive this treatment, and it now allows messages to be broadcasted to smartphones. In recognition of this development, the app is getting a renamed "Communication" menu.

This menu was previously called "Voice and video calls," but it's not been updated to reflect the settings that reside within it more accurately. In addition to Call Providers, Video & Voice Apps, Device & Call Settings, and Your contacts, the menu is now getting Broadcast.

Credits: 9to5Google

This new addition lets you enable or disable broadcasts on personal devices (smartphones and tablets) and even lets you choose if you want guest users to have access to family broadcasting. It's worth noting that turning off broadcasts on one of your personal devices will turn it off for all others using the same Google account.

According to 9to5Googlewho spotted this change, the new menu is widely rolling out. For what it's worth, I don't see it just yet. So, like me, you might have to wait a bit before you see the change on your device.

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free