The April security patch has already reached a whole bunch of Galaxy devices in the US, but Samsung’s rollout continues to steadily progress as more phones and tablets join the list. Now, the April patch is hitting some mid-range Galaxy A phones and flagship tablets from Verizon and T-Mobile.

For the phones and tablets listed here, you should expect the update to hit your device in the next few days if it hasn't already. Meanwhile, others may have to wait a little while longer, though considering Samsung’s past performance, more Galaxy phones should certainly be in the line. You also have the option to check for this April update manually by going to Settings > Software Update.

The below list includes all of the Samsung phones that have received the April 2021 security patch in the US. We’ve marked the newest entries in bold for easier visibility.

Galaxy S21 series

Galaxy S20 series

Galaxy S10 series

  • AT&T
    • Galaxy S10e: RP1A.200720.012.G970USQU5GUCH, 455MB, released April 13th
    • Galaxy S10: RP1A.200720.012.G973USQU5GUCH, 457MB, released April 13th
    • Galaxy S10+: RP1A.200720.012.G975USQU5GUCH, 458MB, released April 13th
  • Verizon
    • Galaxy S10e: RP1A.200720.012.G970USQU5GUCH, released April 16th
    • Galaxy S10: RP1A.200720.012.G973USQU5GUCH, released April 16th
    • Galaxy S10+: RP1A.200720.012.G975USQU5GUCH, released April 16th
    • Galaxy S10 5G: RP1A.200720.012.G977UVRU6FUCD, released April 21st

Galaxy Note20 series

  • Unlocked
  • Verizon
  • AT&T
    • Galaxy Note20: RP1A.200720.012.N981USQU2DUCF, 628MB, released April 14th
    • Galaxy Note20 Ultra: RP1A.200720.012.N986USQU2DUCF, 630MB, released April 14th

Galaxy Note10 series

Galaxy Note9 series

  • Verizon
    • Galaxy Note9: QP1A.190711.020.N960USQU8FUD1, released April 29th
  • AT&T
    • Galaxy Note9: QP1A.190711.020.N960USQU8FUD1, 316MB, released April 20th

Galaxy Z series

Galaxy A series

  • Verizon
    • Galaxy A10e: QP1A.190711.020.A102USQU9BUC1, released April 14th
    • Galaxy A20: QP1A.190711.020.A205USQS9BUC2, released April 21st
    • Galaxy A50: RP1A.200720.012.A505USQSBDUD1, released April 27th
    • Galaxy A11: QP1A.190711.020.A115USQU4AUD6, released May 7th
  • T-Mobile
  • Unlocked
  • AT&T
    • Galaxy A10e: PPR1.180610.011.A102USQS6ATD2, 94MB, released April 14th

Galaxy tablets

We'll update this post as more devices are updated, so check back later to see when your phone makes the cut.

New devices

Updated to include new tablets and Galaxy A-series phones from T-Mobile and Verizon.

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