Chrome makes syncing and sharing tabs between devices easy. Sending a link from your laptop to your phone only takes a couple of seconds if you're logged in, while QR codes allow for transferring sites with a snap of a photo. Although these various methods keep passing websites simple, they all clutter up your Omnibox any time you click on it. Google is testing a new sharing hub for Chrome that simplifies your browser, making it easier to hand off articles, projects, and more between devices.

This updated link sharing menu consolidates all of Chrome's various options into a single icon, as spotted by Chrome Story. Instead of having to click on the Omnibox to load these tools, this new 'plus' icon stays displayed next to the Bookmarks star at all times, making it easier to remember these options even exist in the first place. The list includes the usual "Send to your devices" and QR code methods, as well as new toggles for link copying, saving the page, and casting. In action, it's pretty similar to Chrome's sharing menu on mobile.

For now, this feature is locked to Chrome Canary, hidden under the "Desktop Sharing Hub in Omnibox" flag. It's definitely a work in progress — the older icons still appear next to the 'plus' icon if you click on the URL. Once it's ready for primetime, this could be a much more straightforward way to pass along web pages to the device of your choosing.