Over the last few months, Spotify has been redesigning and improving its app to make it easier to find the music you're looking for. These improvements are continuing as the company announces changes to the way music and podcasts are shared.

The most useful update comes to the process of sharing podcasts. Previously, you could only share an episode in its entirety.

Left: Share from toggle for podcasts, Right: Canvas previews

A "share from" toggle now shows at the top of Spotify's sharesheet. Turning this on will make the podcast play from your current timestamp when the recipient clicks the link. Sadly this is only available for podcasts, but I'd love to see it come to music in the future.

The layout of the sharesheet has changed, too, now showing your apps in a grid instead of a list. If the song uses Spotify canvases (the music video excerpts that play in the background), a preview of the canvas will play. As well as playing in the background, they're now compatible with Snapchat stories, in addition to Instagram. Other apps like Facebook will continue to show a link and album art like before.

The Spotify app hasn't had an update in over a week on my S21, but I have the redesign. It wasn't there yesterday, so it would seem that this is a server-side rollout.