Android Auto is getting more robust with time and only recently the platform gained support for a bunch of new apps. New evidence suggests that Google is finally close to introducing support for work profiles.

Uncovered by the folks over at 9to5Googlethe Android Auto v6.4 app has strings in the code that suggest users will soon be able to separate their professional and personal stuff with the help of work profiles.

<string name=”permission_cross_profile_description”>”Allows Android Auto to display data from the work profile while driving.”</string>
<string name=”permission_cross_profile_name”>”Work Profile Data”</string>
<string name=”settings_work_profile_permission_flow_title”>”Grant work profile permission”</string>
<string name=”work_profile_permission_flow_name”>”Permissions”</string>

This feature could prove to be very useful for a certain audience that previously couldn't access any work-related data while on the move. For instance, now it'll be possible for them to check their work Calendar without having to reach for their phone. More importantly, work Contacts will also be easily accessible on Android Auto now, so you can more easily make work calls.

Mishaal Rahman says that the feature isn't live yet, but it shouldn't be too long before you'll be able to enable your work profile on your Android Auto-supported vehicle. We'll let you know when it starts rolling out fully.

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