For most Android users, Microsoft's cloud storage will always play second fiddle to Google Drive. But those who are heavily invested in Office 365 or the Windows platform in general still want a good cloud storage app, and today the Android version of OneDrive is a little better. The latest update adds compatibility with the Chromecast and other casting devices.

The 6.29.1 version is showing me the option to connect to Cast-capable devices, either on the main file browser or when playing back a video or viewing a photo. But keep in mind that the app can't cast files that it can't play back on its own. So if you're sharing a bunch of, ahem, study materials that you got from your old DC++ hub way back in college, it might kick you out into another app after downloading them to local storage.

I had a bit of trouble actually getting the feature to display; on my main phone it took installing the Play Store version, then the beta from APK Mirror, then uninstalling and reinstalling to actually see the Cast icon. But on my Android 12 test phone, it popped up right away on the version I downloaded from the Store. So if you don't see casting available on compatible photos and videos right away, try uninstalling and reinstalling, I suppose.

If there are any other major changes in 6.29.1, Microsoft isn't saying. OneDrive is a free download for Android 6.0 or higher.

Microsoft OneDrive
Microsoft OneDrive
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