Even though Google offers a dedicated music application, a good chunk of people still can't shake the habit of catching their favorite tracks on YouTube. Google previously tried to prompt users to switch to YT Music, but it seems like it's tired of doing so as it's testing a new YouTube interface that's meant to improve the music listening experience.

The interface has been spotted on iOS (via 9to5Google), where a "Show listening controls" button pops up for some when watching music videos. Tapping it pulls up a range of controls right below the player, complete with the name of the video in a sizeable font.

Closer to the bottom of the screen are the like, save to playlist, and playback speed buttons — notably, no dislike option is to be seen.

To ensure YT Music doesn't get sidelined because of this new interface, this feature is limited to Premium subscribers who already pay for access to YT Music.

For now, this only seems to be in testing, and I haven't been able to reproduce it on my end. We'll update the story when it makes it to Android or rolls out more widely.

Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free