Ubisoft has published a blog post detailing its future plans for The Division and its series of looter shooters. Included in this post is information about an upcoming mobile version of The Division. The studio says it plans to bring its The Division universe to mobile, but what form this game will take is anyone's guess, as it doesn't sound like a direct port of the console and PC title.

There's little to go on today since Ubisoft only mentions the upcoming mobile version of The Division in a quick blurb, which you can read in full below.

The Division will also be coming to mobile platforms for the very first time, bringing the universe to an even wider audience. We’ll have more details on this exciting project at a later date.

This is literally all we have to go on so far, and I can't say the wording sounds very promising. While I'm sure most mobile gamers would expect a port of the first title in the PC/console series, the fact the above blurb mentions that it wants to bring "the universe" to a broader audience sounds like this title will exist as some sort of mobile offshoot, which is precisely how the Play Store gets filled with branded cash grabs.

While I'd like to remain hopeful that Ubisoft isn't planning on using a mobile release to cash in, I sure wouldn't put it past the company since its current mobile catalog is relatively mediocre. Still, I'd like to hold out hope for a direct port, so perhaps Ubisoft will have some good news to share in the following months.