Samsung is not only notorious for shipping duplicate apps but also packing its own voice assistant along with Android's default Google Assistant. If you live in India and wish Bixby could understand you better, you might be happy to learn that Samsung is finally adding support for Indian English.

The addition comes as a part of the Bixby 3.0 update and Samsung promises that this development will ensure that the assistant understands the different accents and native terms spoken across the country. Among other things, it will now understand Indian names, places, relationships, content, and recipes. You should be able to ask it to call bhaiya (brother) or show you the recipe for chicken tikka masala without tripping it.

Given that Samsung has had a substantial presence in the market since time immemorial, this development is long overdue. But now that it's here, Samsung's voice assistant should be able to cater to the idiosyncrasies of the subcontinent much better.

Bixby with Indian English support is already available on the Galaxy S21 Series, the Galaxy A52, and the Galaxy A72. Support for more devices including the Galaxy Fold, the Galaxy S20 series, and the Note20 series is underway.