A lot has changed since Netflix burst onto the media scene in the late 2000s. Despite the increased competition, it's still the most popular streaming service globally for watching movies and TV shows on the web, and it's not looking to slow down momentum. Netflix may be planning to launch a new online space designed around enhancing its original properties with bonus features, podcasts, and more.

According to a survey spotted by Protocol, the company is requesting feedback from customers about "a future online space where you can learn more about the Netflix shows and things related to them." Currently named N-Plus, this project would pull double-duty as a promotional tool with restricted social utilities, where users could interact with original programming on a deeper level.

Some of the potential new features include custom mixes built from your favorite shows, which can be shared online for others to watch. Likewise, Netflix is considering including playlists for its series' soundtracks on N-Plus, and implementing a way for users to give feedback on upcoming programs before they even enter production. The site could also see the return of user reviews, something the service scratched back in 2018.

Even more than its competition, Netflix has been investing heavily in its original content to help make up for a smaller library of legacy titles. Building out a limited social network to let fans interact with their favorite shows could make sense from its perspective, especially in an ever-crowded field where user engagement is everything. In a statement to Protocol, Netflix clarified that the concept was still in an exploratory phase, but we wouldn't be surprised if some version of N-Plus launches in the future.