Although it might not be as powerful as Excel, Google Sheets has proven itself a capable spreadsheet tool since its launch. Whether you're putting together an expense chart or just trying to balance your monthly budget, it's a great free alternative to Microsoft's legacy data software. With Google's latest update to Sheets, users can find new options for customizing their charts with all-new designs.

These controls are coming to Workspace and G Suite subscribers starting today, adding all-new ways to personalize your series items. You can switch your color and opacity options and add line thickness and dash styles to help make your charts a whole lot easier to view. Google has also added borders to columns, a highly-requested feature among its users. These new options aren't available for pie charts, which have already had similar tools for customization.

It's a minor tweak, but one that should be welcome amongst die-hard Sheets users. Google is releasing this functionality beginning today, but it could take several weeks before every Workspace user has access.