The Google Assistant team seems to enjoy coming up with little ditties that its AI voice helper can sing to you, whether it's about washing your hands, Halloween, New Year, or wearing a mask. This latest number is all about encouraging us to take the vaccine — an important topic, but it's not Google's best musical work, I must say.

Ask the Assistant on your phone or a Google/Nest speaker to "sing the vaccine song" and it will do exactly that. The lyrics are in celebration of the various vaccines that should bring us back to something like normality more than a year into the deadly Covid-19 pandemic. The song describes the vaccines as safe and hails the scientists who worked on them as superheroes.

It's a critical message that Google is trying to get across, and one which it has already made a TV commercial about, but I'm not sure an Assistant song is going to have much of an impact. Besides the fact that the Google Assistant continues to demonstrate mediocre musical abilities, I'm not sure who is asking it for these in the first place.

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