Twitter is working on a subscription service, hoping to get people hooked with incentives such as an Undo Send button. In its latest attempt to spice up this service Twitter acquired Scroll, which lets readers support their favorite publishers (including us) while blocking ads. This development also sunsets a personalized daily news service called Nuzzel, which is owned by Scroll.

If you're not aware of the app, it creates a personalized newsfeed using the accounts one follows on Twitter (LinkedIn and Facebook too). The team at Scroll claims it tried its best to keep the service alive but just couldn't make it happen. However, the CEO promises that the Nuzzel experience will be built right into Twitter in the future.

The dated interface should let you know that the app wasn't supported very fervently.

There isn't a detailed plan on how that's going to happen, but the team is looking forward to suggestions and wants to give early access to those who have ideas about how to shape the product. If you're eager to help, you can head over to the Scroll website and register your interest.

Not only is Twitter working on improving how you consume content on the platform, it's also making it easier to start and publish editorial newsletters — made possible by its acquisition of Revue earlier this year.

Nuzzel: News for Busy Professionals
Nuzzel: News for Busy Professionals