For over a year, it's been rumored that Google was working on a custom smartphone chip with Samsung, and last month news surfaced that it would land in an upcoming Pixel phone, presumed to be the Pixel 6. Another small tidbit has surfaced recently that further corroborates Whitechapel-powered hardware is under development and tied to upcoming Google hardware.

The folks at XDA Developers spotted a comment in an AOSP commit discussion that publicly points to the Whitechapel name as part of a URL in the context of a "P21" device, together with a GS101 label, also previously tied to at least this first Whitechapel chip.

While there's nothing new per se from today's development, and no new information regarding either an upcoming phone or Whitechapel has been revealed by the AOSP disclosure, it does publicly corroborate that Google has near-future plans for its long-awaited custom silicon, which 9to5Google claims to have confirmed will happen with phones released this fall, which we all expect means the Pixel 6.

While we wait for Whitechapel to actually materialize in something, we sat down with a handful of analysts last month for a conversation on what it might mean and what to expect from Google's first chip. In short, we've still got some questions that only time and Google can answer.