Google Discover is one of the search giant's most popular products in recent memory. Even Samsung finally relented and put it on the homescreens of some of its wildly successful Galaxy smartphones — no mean real estate achievement, even for Google. As such, UI tests on Discover are almost as numerous as the dozens of content cards it displays, with constant tests, refreshes, and tweaks coming and going.

The latest change to Discover is decidedly one of capital-A Aesthetic. Only available on Android 12 devices for now (as far as we can tell — be sure to let us know if you're seeing it on other versions), the new design drops the colorful, center-aligned Google logo found on most phones right for a gray or white left-aligned version, depending on your phone's theme. It's more subdued; dare I say even a bit classy. It also changes absolutely nothing about how the Discover experience works, unless you count switching up the location of the Snapshot button.

Following our initial report, a few more variations of this redesigned Discover screen have popped up. It looks incredibly similar to a previous a/b test we spotted last year, safe for the left-aligned Google logo, the separators between articles, and less transparency. Google sure is experimenting with the Discover UI.

Left & Middle: New look. Right: Previous variation of this test.

Given they're only appearing on Android 12 devices for now, it's hard to know if these UI tests will roll out more widely, or if Google is just toying with a new look it might later revert (as is common for Discover). You can see the "old" interface (it's all relative, right?) below for comparison.

In summation, there is nothing about this change that will really affect you or the way you use Discover. But if you spotted it and were wondering if something had subtly changed in your news feed, we're happy to report you're not losing your mind. Or maybe you are. I'm not a doctor.

More variations

Article updated with more variations.

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