Google seems to be trying to make the new Google Pay do everything for everyone. As usual, its own Workspace users are a little behind the curve, despite literally paying Google to use its software. That situation might be coming to a close: today a few lucky Workspace users are being invited to test out the new system with their work accounts.

Workspace accounts (nee G-Suite) work with the older version of Google Pay, which is still technically accessible. It makes sense: if you have to pay for things using a company account, why not use the same system that you have for your web conferencing, documents, cloud storage, et cetera?

Invitations seem to be going out somewhat at random via email, as shown by this Twitter user and another AP tipster.

We can confirm that multiple people are seeing this message, though at least one who got the email was then unable to access Pay from the new version of the app anyway. The functionality appears to be rolling out extremely slowly at the moment, if at all.

That said, given how aggressive Google has been for the new version of Pay (straight-up giving out tons of money), it would make sense that they want to get their paying customers onto the platform sooner rather than later.

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