The virtual keyboard on Chrome OS has been a sore point for many Chromebook tablet owners. Ranging from unreliable autocorrect to buggy input, the typing experience on it is still pretty lackluster to this day. Last year, it did at least receive improved handwriting recognition, a major UI facelift, and an option to change its size. Now, Google is getting ready to integrate one of our favorite Chrome OS 89 features.

We've been tracking Multipaste's development for a couple of weeks, and a recent Chrome OS Beta update added its functionality. When activated, it introduces a clipboard to the virtual keyboard, helping you access copied text or images on your tablet. If your device is on the Beta, Dev, or Canary channel, you can try Multipaste right now by copying and pasting the following URL into Chrome's address bar.


Show virtual keyboard with multipaste UI

After you restart your device, copy any line of text and tap on a text field. You'll see a new clipboard icon on top of the virtual keyboard. Note that while Chrome OS 90 has this experimental flag in the stable channel, enabling it won't do anything yet.

The Chrome OS virtual keyboard gains a useful clipboard manager.

Multipaste functions identically to the clipboard Google introduced with Chrome OS 89. Instead of guessing which image or text you've copied on your tablet, you can refer to the clipboard. Chrome OS will keep track of your clipboard by storing them in the virtual keyboard. It'll hold up to five items, which vertically scrolls depending on the keyboard's size. If you take a screenshot, it will automatically get copied into the clipboard and you can remove entries by long-pressing them with your finger.

This feature is a step in the right direction to enhance productivity on your Chromebook tablet. Multipaste gives you the freedom to be creative with the content you're working on without fear of losing things you've recently copied. It may not be the proverbial silver bullet to fix the virtual keyboard, but it helps make it a lot more pleasant to use.