Today AT&T announced its refreshed DataConnect plans, now with extra 5G. While that's nice, the big news is that they're considerably less expensive than they used to be. Customers looking to AT&T for a dedicated connection on a mobile-equipped tablet, laptop, or hotspot might want to check them out.

Previously the entry-level, post-paid data-only plan was $60 a month for 15GB. That's dropped in price and risen in data: it's now $50 for 25GB. The upper tier was previously $85 for 35GB; now you get 40GB for just $75. That's assuming that you take the $10 discount for auto-pay and paperless billing, of course. Overage is $10 per 2GB, and international roaming adds up quickly, starting at $70 for just 2GB.

Verizon only offers prepaid data for devices not connected to an existing phone plan, and they're considerably more expensive than AT&T's offerings, though both appear to be limited to LTE. At the moment T-Mobile's offering the most generous data-only plans for its tablets and other devices, starting at $60 a month for 50GB and going up to unlimited for $75.

Since AT&T supports unlocked devices and eSIMs, these plans can be used with any non-phone device that's compatible with AT&T's network. But of course, the company would really appreciate it if you purchased one of their own. At the time of writing, the carrier offers a staggering number of iPads and a few Samsung tablets, but the only 5G-equipped Android tablet it's selling is the Galaxy Tab S7 5G.