Well that didn't take long. After posting semi-official confirmation of the upcoming budget-priced Pixel Buds earlier today in Germany, Google just tweeted it out on the official @Android Twitter account with the image above. A few minutes later, the tweet was deleted.

Quality sound and quick Bluetooth pairing. The new Pixel Buds A-Series have arrived. Enjoy one-tap Bluetooth pairing with the updated Fast Pair experience on #Android.

We know that the Pixel Buds A will come in multiple colors and (based on the A naming convention, as in the Pixel XA series of phones) they'll be cheaper than the original true wireless buds. We've also heard that they may be missing some of the gesture controls of the current model. Beyond that, the look, and the newly-revealed fact that they'll use Fast Pair (which was safe to assume anyway), that's it.

It's worth pointing out that today is exactly two weeks before Google I/O. What we're seeing here might be a scheduled tweet error; if you assume that, it would make sense that this is a new product planned for an announcement in the keynote (which will be 1 PM Eastern on May 18th). If any other Google hardware is likely to break at the developer conference, we're not aware of it yet.

We'll be waiting patiently for Google to decide that it's ready to make the Pixel Buds A official. Aaaaany time now, Google.

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