Heads up for anyone who maintains inter-device continuity through Pushbullet: Facebook has blocked the site — and, through that, the app's users — from using its proprietary login.

According to Pushbullet, it appears that Facebook has labeled the company's domain as malicious and/or abusive, perhaps through an automated process. The site does provide a legitimate service which a number of Android Police editors "cannot live without."

The developers have made attempts to contact the platform, but given that Facebook doesn't go out of its way to have humans review cases, it'll be a long haul to a solution if one is even to be had.

What users see when they try to use Facebook Login

If you log into Pushbullet with your Google account, you shouldn't be concerned about this issue. However, given that the only other way of signing up to the service is through Facebook Login, the outage leaves plenty of people in limbo. CEO Ryan Oldenburg says it is working to remove Facebook Login and provide an alternative access method.