They may not be the most technically impressive development in recent years, but smart vacuums are sure one of the neatest: friendly little rolling robots that automate one of the more tedious domestic chores. The Roborock S4 Max is a particularly robust model: it's got room mapping and finds its way with lasers, and it can clean for up to three hours straight. You can get one for cheaper than ever today on Amazon.

The S4 Max, in addition to its lidar navigation and marathon battery life, is smart enough to know when it needs to top up its battery mid-cleaning. After recharging, it remembers where it stopped cleaning and goes back to that spot to continue. You can also set it not to clean certain areas, if you have a room with a particularly finicky rug or a bunch of loose cables or something.

Normally $430, there's an on-page coupon that'll knock the price down by a whopping $120 to a new low of $310. All you have to do is check the box before adding it to your cart. Hit the link below to see more.