It's not easy trying to compete with Chrome. Not only is Google's browser the most popular way to access the web worldwide, but it's also included by default on any Android device running the Play Store. Of course, there are plenty of third-party options if you're interested in finding an alternative, complete with improved privacy features and extension support. While Opera's mobile browser isn't the hottest app around these days, it's still getting new functions to help improve the overall experience. With its latest update, users can finally stream videos to any Chromecast device.

Being able to cast media from an Android phone feels like second nature, but not every app includes it by default. Unfortunately, Opera's implementation is pretty limited. Because the feature has been built into the native player, it only works on specific content. Videos uploaded to Facebook and Reddit could cast without any issue, but YouTube and Instagram both use unique players that don't support casting from this browser. Any supported video can be streamed to a TV using the menu button within Opera's media player. It's a significant restriction, but it's better than not having the ability at all.

The newest version of the app also includes a bump to Chromium 89 and improvements to address autofill at checkout. Grab the update from the Play Store link below, or download the latest APK from APK Mirror.

Opera Browser: Fast & Private
Opera Browser: Fast & Private
Developer: Opera
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