Google's Chrome OS is naturally a breeding ground for its apps and services. Google Docs, Drive, Sheets, Keep, and many more come pre-installed on Chromebooks. This list of apps is soon going to grow as Google is preparing to add Google Meet and Chat to the mix.

This development is suggested by a Chromium bug filing that outlines the plan to "Pre-install Meet and Chat PWAs on Chrome OS." That webpage was no longer accessible at the time of writing, but luckily 9to5Google took a screenshot. While it's already possible to use the Android versions of these apps, installing web apps won't strain the limited storage that most Chromebooks have.

Feature flags spotted on Chromium Gerrit.

Two new feature flags are being added to Chrome to test the installation of the aforementioned apps. The bug filed with respect to pre-installing these apps is tagged to be completed in time for Chrome OS 92, which is set to be released on July 20. If things fall into place, it's safe to assume that Chromebooks and Chromeboxes with Chrome OS 92 out of the box should have Google Meet and Chat pre-installed.