Xiaomi makes some great gear for budget-minded users, but finding it in the western hemisphere can sometimes be a problem. It looks like that won't be an issue for the company's latest fitness tracker. The Mi Smart Band 6, announced precisely one month ago, now has its own listing on Amazon's US store. It's a few cents shy of $60, and it's shipping out on May 18th.

The Mi Smart Band 6 packs in quite a lot of value into just sixty bucks. It does the usual 24-7 heart rate monitoring with 50 atmospheres of water resistance, the better to stick with you during a sweaty workout or a shower. But it also has an Sp02 meter, the more advanced variation of a light-emitting sensor that can measure the amount of oxygen in your blood. That's still something of a premium feature — for example, FitBit's entry-level tracker the Inspire 2 doesn't do it, despite its $100 MSRP.

Unfortunately, it looks like Amazon is only selling the black silicone band at the moment, and the international model lacks NFC. The merchant claims it's a licensed Xiaomi reseller, though we've only got its word for it.

The Band 6 uses a 1.56" vertical, full-color OLED screen, which it boasts is 40% larger than the last model, while maintaining an impressive two weeks of battery life. The Xiaomi Mi Fit app can measure thirty different fitness activities, track sleep, and forward notifications to your wrist. The app can sync fitness data to Google Fit, too.

The Band 5 got serious praise when we reviewed it last year, even if its best feature was its rock-bottom price tag. The new model is $10 more (at least on this listing), but with its more advanced sensor and bigger screen, it seems like a fair bump.