Vivaldi is among the most customizable and powerful Chromium-based browsers out there, and today, the company is launching yet another intriguing update. Vivaldi 3.8 helps you get rid of the pesky cookie banners that pop up whenever you visit a new website. It also adds an option to switch the app language independently from your system's preferences.

The banner-removing "Cookie Crumbler," as Vivaldi calls it, isn't a brand-new, self-developed feature. Instead, it relies on two existing, independently maintained blocklists that are similar to adblock lists. It's a little cumbersome to get started with it, and you need to enable adblocking under Vivaldi settings -> Privacy -> Enable Tracker and Ad blocking -> Manage Sources -> Ad blocking sources, and check the two "Remove cookie warnings" entries. These will do their best to hide cookie warnings, though some sites might break in the process. And note that blocking the cookie popup might not yield the same results as manually revoking consent in a website's banner.

(Speaking of adblockers, we'd appreciate it if you could disable yours when you visit our site — ads do help pay the bills. If you absolutely can't stand seeing the banners, consider subscribing to Scroll, which removes advertisements from hundreds of publications, including our own, for a small monthly fee.)

You'll also notice the new Language settings section in the Vivaldi settings. In there, you can decide which language you'd like to see the Vivaldi interface in and which languages you prefer when browsing the web. That's particularly helpful for the multilingual among us. Additionally, you can now add a start page icon next to your address bar, if you'd like to have quick access to it.

Vivaldi 3.8 should now be available on the Play Store, but you can download it from APK Mirror if you prefer. The Cookie Crumbler is also available in the desktop version of the browser, which has some more changes in tow, like redesigned panels, improved bookmarks, and complete Google FLoC blocking.

Vivaldi Browser
Vivaldi Browser
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