Besides industry giants Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube Music, there are a few more niche services on the music streaming market. One of them is Tidal, the platform focused on high-fidelity, lossless audio. The latest version of the streaming service's Android app gains a new ability that's been part of Spotify for ages: You can finally organize playlists in folders.


  • You can now create Playlist Folders and sort all your playlists as you’d like.
  • We fixed bugs and made performance improvements.

Once you've got the most recent version, v2.40.2, you'll notice the new Create folder button at the top of the My collection section. It's pretty self-explanatory — you tap it to create folders, and then you can add your playlists as you please. The folders also carry over to other platforms, so if you regularly stream music on your desktop, you won't lose out on the new organization capabilities.


Tidal version 2.40.2 is rolling out on the Play Store as we speak, but you can also get it straight from APK Mirror.