For several months now, Spotify has been testing a new interface for its library on mobile devices. Redesigns can be controversial, but the response to the UI changes on Android has mainly been positive. Although many of Spotify's users have had access to the improved library management since February, its new UI design is finally official.

The new interface is aimed at making it easier to browse through your music collection. It's one of the more extensive changes Spotify has made to its app in a long time, improving the experience of browsing through artists, albums, playlists, and podcasts by adding tags. The filter options for your "Liked Songs" playlist make sorting through genres clear and smooth. We've also previously highlighted the new "Downloaded" filter, which makes it easy to view everything saved for offline listening on your phone.


The new library UI is coming to all mobile users throughout the next week, though as always, you'll need to be a Premium subscriber to download music offline.